Design engineers are taking a closer look at Plasma Thermal Coatings in light of a growing demand
for part and product reliability, longer life and reduced component costs.
Today, plasma thermal coatings are turning up in critical applications as ultra-reliable seals, coupler, bushings, pistons and many other components in the chemical, petroleum, and other industries.

Currently, applications are found in industries such as

air transportation, motor vehicles, pumps, compressors, machine tools, steel production, pulp and paper mills, electric production and many others.

Most common of the applications are

pump sleeves, machine spindles, sealing surfaces on production equipment, wire drawing equipment, pump plungers, mechanical seals, wear rings, cylinder liners, exhaust fans, hydraulic brakes, palm guides, oil distributor shafts, water turbine buckets, computer recording heads, polishing fixtures, printing rolls, pump impellers, valve seats, sealing caps and flanges.

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