Diamalloy 5849 is an economical tungsten-carbide 10% cobalt 4% chromium powder. Diamalloy 5849 is especially suited for applications where simultaneous wear and corrosion resistance is required. Chromium in the matrix improves the corrosion resistance while maintaining the abrasive, erosive, and fretting wear properties of tungsten carbide-cobalt based materials.

The Rockwell Hardness equivalent of the overlay is Rc 65-70 and the bond strength is greater than 12,000 PSI
Much greater than
all other thermal spray coatings.

Process rolls of all types are hardfaced with HVOF tungsten-carbide for original equipment manufacturing and overhaul of
components. These coatings offer an environmentally safer, cleaner, and less expensive alternative to chromium plating.

Pratt and Whitney Aircraft PWA 36332
Detroit Diesel Allison EMS 39660A
  Society of Automotive EngineersAMS 7879C
  General Electric Company B50TF167-S4
  Rolls Royce Specification MSRR 9507/60

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