Coatings of System 120, a plasma overlay of elemental aluminum followed by a high temperature sealer, are applied to exhaust equipment in order to prevent loss from corrosion. Components exposed to high temperatures, humid conditions, salt or fresh water spray can be protected with this low cost overlay.
Industrial, Marine, Diesel, and Automotive Exhausts are most often treated.
The purpose of this coating is long term protection and lower maintenance costs and better performance.


Exhaust Systems are often made from carbon steel or low grade cast iron in order to reduce costs.
Sales of replacement parts are guaranteed.
Turbo-chargers, manifolds, headers, and cut-outs are exposed to conditions varying from cool humid conditions to extreme temperatures above 1000 deg. F.
Stainless steel systems have to be custom made and are very expensive.
High temperature paints have limited strength and poor bonding.
Chrome Plating is expensive and environmentally unfriendly.
System 120 is the cost effective solution to this problem.